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10 Forever Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

When it comes to finding the perfect forever gift for your loved ones, at Maia Homes, we always recommend gifting items that are thoughtful and will last a lifetime. After all, your gift represents your thought and love for the person. So, gifting quality items will be much appreciated by our loved ones for years to come.
Below is a list of 10 items that are the perfect, durable, thoughtful gifts that last forever. From home decor to accessories, there is something for everyone here.

1. Three Buddha Head Bronze Statue

Bronze is among the most precious and durable metals for the highest quality cast metal sculptures. This bronze statue, hand-crafted in Indonesia, features a 3-tiered buddha head with multi faces, perfect for gifting those with worldly curiosity and who are impressed by Buddhism.

2. Real Touch 3 Stem White Orchid Arrangement

Real Touch 3 Stem White Orchid Arrangement
White Orchid Arrangement in Golden Ceramic Pot is one of the popular indoor orchid flowers to adorn a well-decorated home. It is made of high-quality material that is ensured to last for decades longer than the average faux flowers in the market. It is such a beautiful and realistic arrangement for living room, dining room, and more. It is a special floral arrangement for someone special. 

3. Serein Decor Geometric Inlayed Marble Platter

maia homes serein-decor-geometric-inlayed-marble-platter
Next on our list is a hand-crafted marble platter with brass inlay. Our modern snack plates offer a contemporary accent, highlighted by a matte blue striated glaze applied by hand. Rimmed in a gold finish, they’re eye-catching yet effortlessly classic — the best of both worlds. No matter what your style is, this marble tray will find its place to serve you as a decorative and functional tray on a coffee table or vanity table. In short, this is a perfect gift for her. 

4. Made-to-Order Hand-Knotted Wool Rug

maia homes hand knotted wool rug
And, the next item on this list is an absolute stunner. There is no secret that hand-knotted rugs last a lifetime! And, this area rug could just be a perfect gift for your loved ones on a housewarming occasion. Because of its tremendous appreciating value in the long term, it is a very considerate and generous gifting option.

5. Hand Crafted Solid Brass Wall Deer Head Towel Holder

maia homes solid brassware deer head towel hanging
This stunning Solid Brass Wall Deer Head Towel Holder is handcrafted in Jaipur, India, by skilled artisans. It is a very beautiful decor object that serves a great function in a bathroom as a towel holder. Shaped as a deer head, this piece is made of 100% solid brass, making it very heavy and durable. If you are looking for a fun gift that will turn into a great exciting conversation piece, this Maia Homes Brass Wall Deer Head Towel Holder may be the one.

6. Blue Agate Cake Stand with Gold Basemaia homes blue-agate-cake-stand-with-gold-base-1

This lovely Blue Agate Cake Stand with Gold Base is a true statement object for any kitchen. Made of Indian natural agate stone, it is accented with elegant gold trim and base. This is a perfect gift for your mother, sisters, girlfriend, or in-laws. 

7. Crocheted Half Moon Bathroom Rug with Tassels

Crocheted Half Moon Bathroom Rug with Tassels
If you are looking for a more affordable gift, yet durable, this is a great option. Come in three colors, these half moon bath rugs are versatile. You can position it as a decorative rug for your entryway, or as a door mat. Because of its high absorbency of moisture and water, you can use it as a bathroom rug worry-free. What a practical and thoughtful gift for your loved ones or yourself, again.

8. Bone Inlay Floral Geometric Decorative Tray

maia homes indian-handmade-tray-bone-inlay-tray-medium-black-geometric-home-decorative-tray-home-decor-tray-living-room-handicrafts-items
Meticulously hand-crafted by highly talented artisans in the Rajasthani region of India, using a combination of buffalo bone and resin, this accent tray is a carefully selected gift for those with great taste in styles and fashion. The quality and craftsmanship are second to none, making it a perfect present for your boss, colleagues, or loved ones. 

9. Golden Tropical Leaves Beaded Table Runner

Golden Tropical Leaves Beaded Table Runner
This Golden Tropical Leaves Beaded Table Runner is hand-crafted in India by skilled artisans. It is skillfully made of high quality canvas cotton that is extremely durable. However, the best thing about this Golden Tropical Leaves Beaded Table Runner has to be its design. It is a great mixture of bohemian and elegant feels. Graciously, it will elevate any dining table for any occasion. This is such a perfect gift for a housewarming party. 

10. White Cotton Rose Floral Arrangement in a Gold Pot

White Cotton Rose Floral Arrangement in a Gold Pot
Last but not least, we cannot finish without mentioning our dried cotton flower and faux white rose floral arrangement in a gold ceramic pot. Esthetically speaking, it is a classic and elegant piece to decorate any large or small room. It comes with beautiful native-looking eucalyptus leaf, cotton flower, and white rose. This floral arrangement is a delightful gift for special occasions like a graduation or housewarming party.
I hope you have found some interesting high-quality made-to-last gifts for your beloved. And, if you would like to explore more great durable products for yourself or others, please check out our exclusive collection here

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