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2023's Best Decorative Throw Pillows to Style Your Home

If you're looking to add a pop of color, make a room cozier, or effortlessly update a space, decorative pillows are the answer. These fun accents are ready to uplift the beauty of your home as soon they arrive and they will instantly breathe life into a room. And, below are best decorative pillows in 2023 you don't want to pass up. 

1. Walking Leopard Green Velvet Throw Pillow Case

Walking Tiger Green Velvet Pillow Case
First, give any space a designer look and feel with our Walking Leopard Green Velvet Throw Pillow Case. The beauty of wild cats like tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and lions have inspired many home decoration styles for centuries. And, this luxurious leopard pillow cover is no exception! It is eye-catching and trendy. Also, It will bring a great depiction of nature to a whole new level through the royal green velvet contrasting with the embroidered leopard and its majestic pattern.

2. Gold Lace Sunburst in a Shell Pillow

Gold Lace Sunburst in a Shell Pillow
This absolutely beautiful decorative pillow features a special sunburst shape and adorned with antiqued style gold lace. Furthermore, this pillow is designed with a unique taste of style, making any room more glorious and elegant instantly. Also, Maia Homes Gold Lace Sunburst in a Shell Throw Pillow comes in three beautiful popular vintage colors: Green, Black, and Gold. Additionally, the Gold laces on the pillow are delicately sewn over each corner of the pillow to highlight the unique sunburst shape. Hence, it offers a more unique and artistic way to romanticize sunset. 

3. Handwoven Cactus Silk Throw Pillow Cover

Handwoven Cactus Silk Pillow Cover
These cactus silk pillows are uniquely hand-woven by skilled Moroccan Berber women in their own homes. Drawing from bohemian and globally inspired styles and designs, the pieces from the Cactus Silk Collection are sure to be a classic addition to your decor space. Meanwhile, the meticulously woven construction of each throw pillow boasts durability and provides natural charm to your room.

4. Faux Fur Body Pillow Cover

Faux Rabbit Fur Body Pillow Cover
Faux Fur Body Pillows are an affordable way to add color, texture, and warmth to your bedroom. It is soft, plush, and extremely durable. In fact, faux fur is made of synthetic fibers and does not have the same properties as real fur. So, faux fur throw pillows are easy to clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, and they retain their color over time. Plus, they are machine washable. Nonetheless, Faux fur's non-shedding properties make it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

5. Mini Fringed Golden Star Pillow

Mini Fringed Golden Star Pillow
This out-of-the-world fringed golden star pillow will brighten your living or family room in a fun, eclectic way. Beautifully made with the softest velvet material, this star pillow features premium golden fringes, creating a dramatic stardom effect. 

6. Extra Skinny Lumbar Pillow with Tassels 

Extra Skinny Lumbar Pillow with Tassels  Maia Homes
Inspired by all things vintage and attention to detail, this stunningly soft and shiny velvet decorative lumbar pillow is accessorized with 4 charming tassels to match. Moreover, it is great as a pair or by itself, perfect on a bed of any sizes, and in a living room of any theme. 

7. The British Museum Animal Inspired Double-Side Printed Pillow Cover

The British Museum Animal Inspired Double-Side Printed Pillow Cover
The British Museum Animal Inspired Double-Side Printed throw Pillow Cover is a great way to add a lot of personality to a room. All things considered, these nature-inspired throw pillows are a great conversation starter and will impress any visitors to your home.
Maia Homes Beautiful Pillow Collection Hand Made
If you're looking for new and affordable home décor, give these best selling pillows a shot! You could select from a wide range of different styles and colors. And, they are a great makeover option at a great price points. By the way, we are on 20% discount on our WINTER COLLECTION. Check 'em out!


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