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5 Extraordinary Interior Arts to Incorporate into Your Living Space in 2023

Interior design is an art that aims to create an environment that speaks to you personally. It should be a reflection of your distinct personality and style. There's no denying that art has a subjective quality to it. What one person finds fascinating may be dull to another. Some people prefer unusual and out-of-the-ordinary designs whereas others prefer traditional ones.
If you are looking for extraordinary work of art to incorporate into your living space, here are a few interior pieces of art you could incorporate into your home today. 

1. Gustav Klimt Art Collage Wall Mural

Gustav Klimt Art Collage Wall Mural

Gustav Klimt was a highly influential artist in the early 20th century. He was well-known for his use of gold leaf and his ornate paintings. "The Kiss" and "The Adoration of the Magi" are two of his most famous arts. Klimt was born in Austria in 1862. Furthermore, he initially studied architecture, but he switched to painting, eventually. He founded the Vienna Secession, an art movement that rebelled against the traditional art of the time. Klimt's paintings have intense and bright colors. His use of gold leaf gives them a particularly luxurious feel and appearance.

2. Abstract Geometric Poseidon Bust Statue Sculpture

Abstract Geometric Poseidon Bust Statue Sculpture
The statue depicts Poseidon, the deity of the seas. The carving is exquisite, and the posture is stunning. In ancient Greece, abstract geometric styles were popular. It's an extraordinary example of ancient Greek art.

3. Rainbow Pillar Glass Bud Vase

Rainbow Pillar Glass Bud Vase
Rainbow Pillar Glass Bud Vase is a one-of-a-kind glass vase that come in many colors like a rainbow. These vibrant colors will brighten any setting. The vases are exceptionally designed to highlight the beauty of a single flower or bud. They are a lovely addition to any tasteful modern home. They also make an excellent gift for any occasion.  

4 Gold Ginkgo Leaf Floor Lamp

Gold Ginkgo Leaf Floor Lamp

This gorgeous lamp draws inspiration from the beauty of gingko leaves in nature. The appealing gold color adds a sense of luxury. This lamp emits a soft light, making your life more romantic and cozy. This lamp will put you in great moods everyday.

The gingko leaf shape is the inspiration behind this lamp. Gingko leaves have inspired many of the most beautiful arts and decor we have seen since the beginning of civilization. In Eastern Asia, it became a well-known symbol of beauty. This pattern is popular in Japan, often found in artworks, poems, and family crest designs (Kamon). 

5. The Diamond Crystal Table | Award-winning Design 

The Diamond Crystal Table | Award-winning Design

The Diamond is one of the side tables in the award-winning Crystal Tables Collection designed by Rita Kettaneh. Inspired by the crystal's transparency, purity, and geometry, The Diamond has a geometric identity that influences its entire shape and various silhouettes. You can see the diamond revealed in the top view.

When arranged side by side, similar Crystal Tables grow to form a larger crystal of the same shape. So you can place four Diamonds side by side to form a larger diamond. Alternatively, if you love the Diamond, another great option for you is mixing two Diamonds with one Triangle!

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So, this is a fantastic approach to looking at some of the more unusual forms of art that you may have been put off by. When you examine the meanings, inspirations, and stories behind these works, you'll notice that they're much more than just a collection of shapes and colors on a canvas. They are attention seeking objects that make you feel something special at first glance, perhaps wrath or grief, but then inspired, delighted or hopeful when viewed critically. So, even if you do not usually look for artful interior decorative items, I hope these extraordinary objects will inspire you to appreciate it a bit more. If you're looking for a piece of art unique to you and your style, check out our collection of Art Deco Inspired.

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