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7 Creative Ways to Add Storage to Your Home

Finding storage space for everything can be hard especially if you want a stylish, tidy home. Where to keep all the extra pillows? Where to put away all the candles? How about the board games lying around the house? We often ask ourselves those questions. So, today, I am going to share some tips on how you can add storage to your home with styles. 

1. Decorative Baskets

Organic Seagrass Hand Woven Basket with Tassel

Decorative Baskets are one of the easiest ways you can add so much storage to your home. They come in various sizes. And, if you like to group things, I recommend a set of 3 baskets. You can put throw pillows in one, throw blankets in another, and books in the third. They are a great affordable way to add beautiful dimensions to your space as well. What a winner!

2. Shelf 

beautiful wooden shelf storage maia homes

Secondly, a shelf offers the most storage while still being stylish. They come in many shapes and sizes. And, the most common ones are floating shelves, free-standing shelves. They are great for heavier items like books, statues, and plants. Furthermore, they are versatile as well. You can fill them up or just style them with small decor to reflect your unique style. 

3. Bar Cart or Trolley

rose gold bar cart
I am obsessed with bar carts. Interestingly, we have them in almost every room because of their aesthetics and functionality. Plus, you can store anything from bar-wares to plants, while being able to move them from one space to another. A 2-tier bar cart is the most common. And it is as stylish as it can get. In general, what I love most about a bar cart is a beautiful one is always pleasant to the eyes. 

4. Entryway Console Table

bone inlay brass console table maia homes
An entryway console offers a decent amount of space for you to introduce your guests with some of your decorative items. This is a great place for you to store your keys and purse, or to display candles, and plants.

5. Coffee Table with Storage

 large living room silver decor glam
A coffee table does take up some space in a room. However, if you are looking to put away items like pillows or throws, you can definitely use one of these tables that come with extra storage underneath. 

6. TV Console


Maia Homes Gold Trim modern dresser Cabinet


TV console or entertainment console by far is our favorite. Besides Displaying TV, it can store so much more than you think, from books to board games. It is a perfect way to keep your living room clutter-free, while adding texture and dimension to the space. 

7. Display Ladder

display ladder for blanket throw scarf maia homes

Where to keep all these beautiful throws? This question is often asked by so many women who love a good throw blanket and don't want to hide it in a closet. And, this is when the display ladder steps up! The display ladder is very lightweight, and affordable. It usually comes with 3 or 4 steps where you can comfortably display multiple throws or scarves. 
maia homes golden bar cart trolley
There you have it! Go get organized with styles. Please share with me the results. I would love to hear from you in the comment below.
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