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Agate Coasters - Why They are the New Must-Have in 2022

Agate is a typical rock formation that comes in a range of colors and is made up primarily of chalcedony and quartz. It is one of the most beautiful stones on the planet, making it ideal for making agate coasters as well as other home decorative objects. It is no surprise that people want to own ones because of their functionality and long-lasting beauty.

Here are more reasons why you should have a set of these gorgeous coasters.

1. They Protect Furniture Surfaces.

Having these gorgeous shiny stones as coasters will surely complement and make your table settings more attractive. Firstly, agate coasters are not just used to protect furniture from rings and water stains. These partially transparent coasters present semi-precious stones made from volcanic lava and have a smooth finish, highlighting their ring-like striations.
agate coaster pink gold maia homes
Most of the time, their textured rocky edges have been left untouched for a touch of contrast, making agate suitable for a mug or a cocktail glass. The beauty is that each is one-of-a-kind, with natural colors and shapes formed by the earth itself.

2. They Are Claimed to Have Energy-Boosting Properties.

Secondly, according to Kristin Petrovich, the co-founder, and creator of själ skincare, agate has been used for its purported energy-boosting properties since ancient Greek and Roman times, so each one is a meditation platform, emitting soothing energy that can act as a grounding stone to help calm the pace of modern living. Interestingly, agate, also known as the "Good Luck Stone," is a stone of strength, protection, and harmony.
maia homes beautiful agate stone coasters pink and gold
As a stone of peace and harmony, it balances the yin-yang energy and aids in the development of creativity and intellect. Its protective properties brought a sense of calm and well-being. Thus, they will make your home your oasis.

3. They Add Instant Glam to a Party Effortlessly.

In addition, you can even use these coasters as party decorations. Create themed coasters with napkins and tablecloths to match the theme of your party. Here is an idea, consider a swirling agate coaster. It is both modern and elegant. Simply mix and match to create a colorful spectrum on a coffee table, or go uniform for a classic accent.
maia homes black agate stone coasters
Make special occasions a treat for everyone in your family by placing agate coasters in different parts of your house! Additionally, you can also use them to create some impressive impressions on a wooden table or piece of furniture, with the right type of material and a little bit of know-how. Also, they can add an elegant touch of beauty to your home. 

4. Agate Stones Make a Great Thoughtful Gifts.

Furthermore, Agate stones make a perfect gift for different special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Friendship Day, Diwali, housewarmings, or weddings. They are compact, yet heavy, making them easy to wrap as a gift. 

5. They Are Very Easy to Care For.

Next, the smooth surface of the coaster makes it easy to clean and maintain, with no worry about rusting. Ultimately, these coasters are great investments, adding a luxury touch to any table and yet again exemplifying the perfectly imperfect aesthetic. 
 And of course, their beauty does not fade.
Ultimately, agate coasters are a must-have in any home with acquired tastes for eternal beauty and luxury. Each piece of our agate geode coasters is a unique art form that will be appreciated and admired for decades. 
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