How to Care for Your Persian Hand Knotted Rugs

Persian hand-knotted rugs are among those home rugs that are designed to withstand most normal abuse. However, proper care and cleaning are highly recommended to uphold its value and ensure years of continued enjoyment of their beauty and utility. 

1. Padding

The easiest way to care for your Persian hand knotted rugs is to place a padding underneath the area rug. Please note that the thicker the rug, the thinner the padding should be. At the end of the day, the right padding will muffle noise, and protect the home area rug from wear and movement.

2. Cleaning

2.1 Regular Vacuum

One of the destructive forces on a Persian hand knotted rug is dirt, mostly coming from outside of a home. As a matter of fact, when you walk on a home area rug, this grit cuts against the strands of wool and severs small pieces of the pile. So, regular vacuuming is very important to removing these dirt particles from your rug. So, you should vacuum in the direction of the pile to agitate the fine dir particles which have worked their way down between the woolen tufts.

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2.2 Professional Cleaning

Some times, bits of grit and dirt become embedded so deeply that vacuuming might not remove them well. In this case, we recommend a professional cleaning service. This type of cleaning involves total immersion of the wool rug into water and can only be done correctly by a professional cleaner equipped with the proper facilities for thorough washing and drying.


maia homes persian hand knotted rug care

3. Protecting against Spills

If you spill wines or other fluids on a Persian rug, it could be very difficult to remove. So, if possible, clean a spill immediately before it has a chance to set by following the steps below.

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First of all, use paper towel to soak up any liquid immediately. Then, spot clean with a mild solution of soap, water, and a touch of white vinegar, using as much of the suds and as little of the water as possible. To dry, elevate the dampened spot to allow sufficient air flow. For oil and grease stains, try a mild cleaning fluid or a dry powder-type petroleum base agent. A great tip is to try any cleaning solution on a small area first to ensure that the dyes are color-fast. To prevent spreading, clean from the edge of the stain inwards. If the stain does not come out, call a professional Persian rug cleaner right away.

Red Persian Traditional Hand Knotted Wool Rug

4. Repairs

If you discover a small hole, tear, or loose edges, you should contact a local rug dealership to see if they offer repairs and at what cost. It's always better to get multiple quotes to compare costs.

Your Persian carpet is a work of art and deserves the same care and attention you would to any fine pieces of furniture you may have. Your efforts will be rewarded through years of lasting satisfaction with the unique beauty of your Persian rug.

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