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How to Choose a Perfect Faux Fur Rug for any Room

Yes! Faux fur rugs are here to stay. They are cruelty-free, easy to maintain, and, on top of everything, affordable!

I don't know a single person that doesn't like super soft hairy rugs (except those with allergy to this material, of course!) However, I encounter a lot of folks who just cannot seem to find a place to style a stunning faux fur rug. So, here are a few tips to consider when trying to get a faux fur rug:

1. Faux fur rug as an accent piece

Firstly, an easy way to improve the look of your flooring is covering it with a stunning faux fur rug. Put at the right place, a faux fur rug can highlight a beautiful space in the room. You can leave it by the stair, in the foyer, under an accent chair, on a couch, or in a closet, etc. 

2. Maintenance of the rug

Although many faux fur rugs have been made to be machine washable. Sadly, a lot of them out there are still not easy to maintain. Then again, always check the care tag to make sure you can easily throw it in a washing machine once dirty. Furthermore, some brands like Maia home goods online shop have made all their faux fur products machine washable. So, it's very convenient for everyone who is concerned about the maintenance of the rug. 

3. Size, Shape, and Color

Basically, a good faux fur rug that is machine washable can literally be used anywhere inside your house. The key is to find the right size, shape, and color that would compliment a space or a piece of furniture.
If you want a classic look, white faux fur rugs never go wrong. You can also match the color of a furniture piece or a wall with the rug.
Sizewise, try to keep things proportional. For example, under a 25" x 25" x 30" chair, you could try a 36" x 36" round rug or a 24" x 36" animal shape rug.
To wrap it, I hope I have made your process of choosing a perfect faux fur rug easier. Let me know in the comment how you decide on a faux fur rug.

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