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How to Differentiate Faux Fur From Genuine Animal Fur

Decades ago, faux fur was introduced to the market, and it didn't come close to the quality of genuine fur. It was rough, shedding, and didn't have the right furry feel and look. However, in the last few years, faux fur has gained popularity thanks to advanced technology. They have become so soft and durable that the fashion and home decor industry have incorporated them wildly. As a result, distinguishing between real fur and fake fur has become increasingly difficult as well. So, today we are going to discuss the subtle differences between them so you can make a more educated and cost-saving purchase in the future. 
 Golden Faux Rabbit Fur Bolster

How They Are Made


Genuine Animal Fur

how real fur are made
Real fur is a product of real animal furs like rabbits, minks, sheep, foxes, alpacas, llamas, and other furry animals. Generally speaking, real fur is softer than faux fur.
Producing one piece of a genuine fur rug may require hundreds of animals' skin and fur. Unfortunately, harvesting this kind of fur can be cruel to animals. According to Humane Society International, these animals have been confined to small wire cages their whole lives. They are deprived of their natural way of living, causing various mental and physical abuses. And, when they are ready to be harvested for fur, they are killed in brutal ways. Additionally, they are harder to maintain than faux fur. 

Artificial Fur or Faux Fur

2' x 6' Animal Shape Artificial Wool Faux Fur Rug, Champagne
Faux Fur, Artificial Fur, or Fake Fur is polyester or acrylic materials created to mimic the aesthetics of real fur. Because of advanced technology, faux fur has become more realistic, durable, and affordable than ever. They are easily dyed in any color. And, they are much easier to maintain. Typically, you can launder faux fur in a washing machine at home.

How to Differentiate Faux Fur From Genuine Fur

How to Differentiate Faux Fur From Genuine Fur Maia Homes

A. Check the Label

The fastest and easiest way to find out if something is faux or real fur is to check its label. 

B. Check the Back Side 

Faux fur has a backing that is made of other fabrics. Real fur, on the other hand, is attached at the base of the garment by leather, suede, or other animal skin. 

C. Feel the Fur

How to Differentiate Faux Fur From Genuine Fur
Real fur is extremely soft to the touch. Faux fur is very soft as well. But, you can feel a little coarse if you run your fingers through it.

D. Look at the Hair Uniformity

How to Differentiate Faux Fur From Genuine Fur
Carefully look closer at the hairs. If each hair is uniform in structure and length, it is likely to be fake fur. Real fur grows naturally, so it consists of different layers and lengths.

E. Perform a Pin Test

Another great way to differentiate the two is to stick a pin through the fabric. If it goes through easily, it is likely fake fur, because real fur is much harder to push through. After all, real fur tends to have thicker back sides as we mentioned earlier. 

F. Check the Price

Faux fur is usually far less expensive than real fur. If you find a new fur area rug for 20$, it is likely a fake fur one. 

G. See How It Burns

If you still find it hard to distinguish and you could pull a few hairs out of the fur without damaging it, safely burn the hairs to obtain the smell. If it smells like human burnt hair, it is real fur. However, if it smells like burnt plastic, it is fake fur.
 2' x 6' Animal Shape Artificial Wool Faux Fur Rug

The Takeaway

With increasing interest in faux fur products, many have puzzled over their differences. Quality faux fur has become so realistic, making it difficult for consumers to differentiate them from the real ones. And that is the beauty of it. We hope this article informs you all the necessary information to make better purchasing decisions. If you are interested in finding faux fur products to decorate your home, we do recommend a great faux fur collection on our website.

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