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How to Quickly Choose the Perfect Curtains for Your Home

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How to Quickly Choose the Perfect Curtains for Your Home

Choosing curtains is arguably one of the most difficult decisions for homeowners, especially new homeowners. What's the appropriate lengths? What fabrics should I pick? What colors should I go with? These are all valid questions. Today, I will be sharing with you some important tips for choosing the right curtains for your room.
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1. Length

The designer-inspired length seems to be trending toward ceiling-to-floor covering. It means the curtains touch both the ceiling and floor, giving the illusion of higher ceiling. Widthwise it is approximately 52" in width. At least two panels are recommended to cover a standard window properly and beautifully. If your ceiling is 9 ft high, you are generally recommended to style with a 7 ft to 9 ft tall curtains. In this case, you will need to install the curtain rods approximately 1 ft or less from the ceiling. And the curtain would fall at 1 ft above the floor or less.
So, for a 9' ft ceiling with a 9' long curtain, you will have to install the rods approximately 1 to 2 inch from the ceiling, and the curtains will be touching the floor elegantly. Long curtains give an illusion that you have a bigger and more beautiful window. In the last year or so, it becomes apparent that more and more people install the curtains at the same length as the ceiling to the floor because of this luxurious effect it has on a space at a very reasonable price. 
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2. Material

There is a wide variety of fabrics for curtains. It does determine the amount of light that will pass through. Heavier, opaque fabrics will keep out more light than lighter and more sheer fabrics. For example, a sheer or cotton fabrics allow more light to come through than linen. And velvet fabrics would block most of the light, and are used in the making of many black out curtains. Blackout curtains usually are sewn together with a special lining that keeps out sunlight entirely. 
We recommend you go with room darkening or black out curtain for a bedroom. And, a lighter fabric for an office or a reading nook.
100% Cotton Room Darkening Curtains - 2 Panels, White

3. Patterns

Choose patterns or styles for curtains can be very overwhelming. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of selections out there. So, keep in mind when you are making a selection that curtains can change the look of a room. You want to make sure they are in the color that you like, and the pattern that goes with other decorative elements in your home.
What is trending in the designer community right now is a solid pale curtains like white, cream, ivory, or light gray, at the maximum length. This style has become so trendy because it doesn't take away attention from other focal points in the room.
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I hope these simple 3 tips are informative enough for you to make a great decision for your window treatment. If you enjoy reading this blog, you may also like to read How to Create a Sanctuary in Your Bedroom.

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