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India is so rich in culture and history. And, we are so excited and proud to have partnered with many Indian artists, small businesses, as well as emerging brands to bring alluring and exotic homewares to America and the rest of the world. Our curated collection of hand-crafted goods from India is a definition of valued sustainability and appreciation of excellent craftsmanship because, after all, our mission is to deliver exceptional made-to-last homewares to you. 

Best of Hand Crafted Homewares from India


In this article, we will be introducing our favorite pieces we have curated from the beautiful subcontinent of India. Feel free to click on any images to shop the look.



King of the Cats Hand Tufted Wool Rug



1. King of the Cats Hand-Tufted Wool Rug

First of all, India is well known for beautiful and affordable hand-tufted wool rugs. This piece is no exception. Conveniently, Our King-of-the-Cats Accent Tufted Rug comes in many popular sizes. It's an art. It's a decorative rug that can turned into an area rug for your home. And, it's a wall hanging. We leave it up to your imagination how you can utilize this wool rug. 


Masai Giraffe Brass Door Handle


2. Masai Giraffe Brass Door Handle


The gorgeous pair of this giraffe-shaped brass door handles is uniquely hand-crafted in India. Our crafters use only solid brass to achieve the highest quality possible. As a result, brass decorative hardware like these giraffe-shaped handles will last for generations. This nature-inspired piece of art is a classic beauty that will receive compliments from anyone who comes across it. And, if you are looking for a place to showcase this beauty, entry way or cabinet doors are the first place I will recommend for this brass handle set.



Bahamas Wooden Chakki Table




Another one, made of solid mango wood, this hand-carved Chakki Table can take you back in time to the 1900s. So, with its intricate design, this piece is a conversation piece that can be used for various purposes. 

3. Triple Arch Jharokha Mirror

Triple Arch Jharokha Mirror


There is no surprise that our gorgeous Jharokha mirror is among the most wish-listed items by our customers. Because of its complex design, it could take up to months to finish one piece, which makes it a true piece of art.
It is regal in every way, whether you choose to display it in a living room or a bedroom. 

4. White Agate Stone Cabinet Drawer Knob - Set of 6


White Agate Stone Cabinet Drawer  


Next on our list is this timeless set of white Agate Stone Drawers. Agate stones have been around for a very long time, yet it keeps gaining popularity because of their beauty and durability. Made of rare agate stones, each knob is very unique, making all the drawers they touch look extra glamorous.


5. The Queen's Hand Carved Solid Wood Daybed 


The Queen's Hand Carved Solid Wood Daybed 

As you can see, the name says it all. Each of our hand-crafted furniture  including this stunning daybed is made to last for generations. The entire piece of the bed is made of solid wood, hand-carved to perfection. Hence, this extraordinary daybed deserves to be rested on by a princess. 



6. 100% Cotton Room Darkening Curtains - 2 panels


maia homes 100% Cotton Room Darkening Curtains - 2 Panels, White



Indian cotton, arguably, is among the best cotton fibers you can find in the market nowadays. So to speak, we are proud to carry this curtain set for our customers to enjoy a true definition of luxury. Furthermore, it's sewn of 100% Indian cotton. And, these curtains are machine washable and can be ironed as well. They are heavy, well made, and certainly elegant. Additionally, they come in many sizes. It feels expensive. It looks expensive. But then again, it is not expensive. We highly recommend it.

 7. Royal Grime Hand Carved Wooden Wall Shelf 

Royal Grime Hand Carved Wooden Wall Shelf

If you are a fan of hand-carved objects, you will most likely love this wall shelf. Among our best sellers, this shelf brings an antique feeling to the room. This is the kind of shelf that levitates above other decors and will make its display objects look more beautiful.


 8. Bohemian Intricate Floral Carved Head Board

Bohemian Intricate Floral Carved Head Board


We cannot have a list of favorites without mentioning this bohemian intricate floral headboard. You probably know by now that we love beautifully hand-carved furniture, especially those that take months to craft with utmost care and attention. Consequently, the beauty in each ravishing headboard is guaranteed to pass the test of time. 


Solid Brass Cow Shape Wall Key Holders


Solid Brass Cow Shape Wall Key Holders

Last but not least,  we want to show off these creative hand-carved solid brass wall key holders. Hand-made into the shape of a cow, this brass wall key holder is a reminder that functionality and beauty can go hand in hand.  




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