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Introducing Maia Homes Beautifully Made to Last Collection

chinoiserie pink tiger rug for living room
We all want nice things in life. However, not all of us know how to select nice things. We, at Maia Homes, have a mission to educate the public on the importance of investing in made-to-last quality home goods because its benefits justify the pricetag in the long run. From wool rugs, and brass hardware, to solid wood furniture, we have curated a beautiful collection of durable products that will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Here are some of the most favorited made-to-last homewares that we think you may like.
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1. Elephant Shaped Brass Wall Hooks

maia homes elephant-brass-hook-4-inch-10-cm-inch-elephant-figurine-elephant-decoration-elephant-decor-elephant-bronze-animal-decor
These wall hooks are crafted in Indonesia using only solid bronze and brass, which are among the most precious metal on earth. Each hook is heavy, shiny, and extremely durable. They are the symbol of long lasting beauty that serves an important function in your home and, if properly cared for, will last for generations. 

2. Sky Blue Java Kingdom Hand Knotted Area Rug

maia homes java-kingdom-hand-knotted-area-rug
Hand-knotted area rugs are among the most durable home furnishings. In fact, some of the most beautiful rugs we know of today were hand-made in the 17th century and are valued at tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. So, investing in a hand-knotted rug is like building a beautiful memory for your beloved home. Made from high-quality New Zealand wool, this Sky Blue Java Kingdom Hand Knotted Area Rug is made to last a lifetime. 

3. Magnetic Live Edge Knife Holder

maia homes magnetic-live-edge-knife-holder
Skillfully concealed magnets hold your knives floating against the warm wood grain of our reclaimed urban timber, keeping them secure and within reach. Each one is made to last a lifetime. Made with solid walnut, white oak, and other unique species that feature a live edge, the contour is left from its previous life as a tree. So each one has its natural beauty. It is a great investment for your kitchen. 

4. Hand-carved Natural Distressed Wooden Bed Headboard 

This beautiful and eclectic Mughal-Era Hand-Carved Wooden Headboard Frame is made of solid wood grown in India. This panel is very intricately carved and handmade with high precision, aiming to create a beauty and durable quality that will last for generations.

5. Moroccan Berber Handwoven Checker Wool Area Rug - Yellow and White

Moroccan Berber Handwoven Checker Wool Area Rug - Yellow and White
Every Beni rug is woven entirely by hand, then washed, and dried in the mountain air, making their quality among the best home rugs in the world. In fact, some of these wool rugs have been passed down from one to the next generation with long-lasting beauty to appreciate.

6. Natural Hand Carved Makrana Marble Dessert Bowl
Natural Hand Carved Makrana Marble Desert Bowl - 2 pcs

Made with natural marble stone, this ice cream bowl is a symbol of classic beauty and durability. In additionl, it brings a royal and rich feel to your dining room. It is made to last forever if well-taken care for.

7. Three Buddha Head Bronze Statue Three Buddha Head Bronze Statue

This Three Buddha Head Bronze Statue, hand-crafted in Indonesia, features three buddha heads with multi-faces. Made using only bronze, one of the most precious metals, this statue is among the highest quality cast metal sculptures on the market. These kinds of sculptures are hand-made to last forever. As expected, they outlive the royalty they represent or admirers who possess them.

8. Moroccan Antique White Mirror

maia homes moroccan-antique-white-mirror
Mirrors are among the most well-loved furniture pieces in a home. Our Moroccan Antique White Mirror is made with solid wood frames, hand-carved and embedded with eternal beauty. They are made by skilled artisans who understand the meaning of long-lasting beauty and quality. Invest in one of these solid wood frame mirrors today with free shipping from Maia Homes.
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