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Mindful Lifestyle: Décor That Turns Your House Into A Cozy Home

We all want to live in a house that we adore. It's a place where we can unwind and be ourselves. However, what if you are not an interior designer but would love to enjoy warm and cozy living space? 
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Home décor is an essential component of living a mindful lifestyle. It could transform your house into a welcoming environment. If you want to surround yourself with furnishings and décor that promote quiet, tranquility, and enjoyment, we have some advices to help make your home warm and welcoming as if it were designed by a professional.

1. Comfortable Furniture


Maia Homes cozy living room with white couch


Firstly, Make sure that every room has at least one comfortable chair or sofa where you can unwind after a long day. Some people prefer a firm cushion, while some prefer otherwise. Whatever firmness makes you feel most comfortable, go with that. 


2. Beautiful Accent Pillows

Maia Home Beautiful Couch for unwinding after a long day

And, if you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your own home, invest in beautiful decorative throw pillows to compliment the furniture. They add so much texture and personality to your room effortlessly and affordably.


3. Cozy Throw Blanket

I would suggest at least two throw blankets for a living room: one fur throw for the winter and one cotton or linen for the summer. They will keep you warm and comfortable while you enjoy reading or watching TV.

4. Greenery

Indoor Living Plants living room Maia Homes
Indoor plants create instant welcoming effects. You could include a few plants on your windowsill or porch if you have the space. There are many types of indoor plants which are very well known to help create a living sanctuary atmosphere. These include fiddle leaf trees, agave, Bonsai, and succulents. Placing flowers throughout your home adds a natural touch that elevates it from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are unsure that you could keep living plants alive, you could alternatively invest in faux plants or flowers with realistic appearances.

5. Lighting

Indoor lighting living room open space maia homes
Interior designers categorize home lighting into three types: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting is the basic lighting such as ceiling light, or any natural light. Task lighting is the lighting that helps you complete a task like reading. It includes table lamps. Lastly, accent lighting is the lighting that provides additional lighting. Accent lighting includes pendants and sconces. We recommend that you mix and match the three types of lighting to create a functional living space and cozy ambience.

6. Candles

Female Torso Wax Candle
Another easy way to cozy up your home is burning a scented candle that you love. It will help you reduce stress and put your mind to relax. Burning incense sticks or diffuse essential oils will also help create stress-free experience.


7. Personal Touch

Maia Homes Work From Home Office with Plants

What's most important is that you feel at peace in your own space. The purpose of mindful decorations is not to make every room look like it belongs in a magazine but to make every room feel pleasant, restful, and functional. So, showcase your favorite book, artwork, or souvenirs that remind you of a happy memory. 

Maia Homes Orange Home Hall Way Beautiful Indoor Architect Homewares India 

After all, the goal of a mindful decoration is to make your home a comfortable place for your family to enjoy. The more fully functional and comfortable your home feels, the more you'll enjoy spending time there. I hope you are inspired to bring a cozier feeling to your home today by incorporating our advice above.


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