My Favorite Shopping Tricks You Should Know Before Your Next Purchase - MAIA HOMES

My Favorite Shopping Tricks You Should Know Before Your Next Purchase

How to Spend Less on Higher Quality Home Goods - MAIA HOMES
If you are anything like me, I want to cherish (almost) everything I own, simply because I want to believe that I make a great choice to buy something, and it makes me happy, either in the process of shopping or afterward.
However, nice premium products can be costly, maybe a bit more than what we'd like to pay for. That could be because of the high quality of material, or simply the name brand attached to it. Either way, I'd like to share some of favorite tricks to finding a great deal and satisfactions on home goods.
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1. Look for Longevity and Functionality

Unlike Clothings, Home goods can utterly lack functionality (except for visual satisfaction). Some are functional, however not very practical or easy to use. For example, a stunning fur rug can cost a fortune and can be difficult to maintain. So, instead of investing in a genuine fur rug, seek the alternative by giving a faux fur rug a try. Faux fur rug is less than half the price of real fur rug, but so much easier to take care. A lot of great faux fur rugs can be machine washable and still look just as stunning as the real one.
Another great example is a decorative pillow. A lot of us have come to realize that we have thrown away many decorative pillows because they are out of shape, have oder, or stains. A great way to fix this is to find pillows that you can adjust the insert to your preference, or throw in a washing machine when needed. 
If you are looking for more reasons to prioritize quality over price, check out why you should invest in long-lasting quality products
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2. Ask for Customization if Needed

We all know that everyone is different when it comes to styles. Some of us like gold accent decor, while others love animal print. Some times, we see a product in the shape we really want, but the item just doesn't come in the color we like. This is when it could get excited for a lot of interior decorators, because we will go beyond the normal route and straight up to the person in charge for customization to our taste.
At Maia Homes, we understand this need perfectly. We want to make it happen for you whatever your customizations are. If you see an area rug you like, but you would like it in a different size or shape, just let us know via a quick phone call, an email, or our chat box. We will do our best to make it happen because we love to bring our customers' creativities to life beautifully. 
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3. Take Advantage of the Reward Points Your Favorite Store Offers

Whether it is 1% or 10%, if someone offers me a discount, I would say I usually take it if it doesn't come with a crazy catch. Retails, nowadays, offer rewards to their customers as an incentive to keep going back and shop with them. So, if you love shopping at Maia Homes, why not sign up for the Maiapoint Reward Program where you earn 5 points every dollar you spend. Once you earn 500 points, you could redeem for a 5$ discount. The best part is there is no expiration date on points. It is pretty sweet, isn't it? So, what are you waiting for. Sign up here
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4. Know the Sale Seasons

There is no secret that we all love a great deal. So, some times, you just got to wait for the right time to shop for the best deals! Usually, major US holidays like Veteran's Day or 4th of July are the time to look for great sales on home goods, especially on furnitures. At Maia Homes, every month, there will be new items introduced to the sale collection waiting for new homes. Check it out here.
That's all I have for you today. Let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts are. If you enjoy quality contents on lifestyles, and home decor, check out this blog on Made-to-Last Home Goods You Only Need to Buy Once.

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