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Quick Guide on How to Choose the Right Containers for Your Plants

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How to Choose the Right Containers for Your Plants 

Adding greenery to your home is a great way to bring texture and dimension to the space. It can infuse your space with freshness and warmth. Furnishing with the right vase or planter, it will only add more beauty and allow your plant to grow properly. Choosing the right planter or container for your plant is typically overlooked, thus causing awkward decor element or, even worse, causing the plants to die.

Here I am going to share three most important points you can easily remember before you invest in a new planter.


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1. Finding the Right Size

Pairing pots and plants are essential for many reasons. In a pot that is too large, soil dries slowly. As a result, the plants are more susceptible to root rot. However, if a pot is too small, soil may dry so quickly. The right size would be the size that is 1 to 4 inches in diameter larger than the pot it comes with. For smaller plants, we recommend 1 to 2 inches larger. For larger plants, we recommend 3 - 4 inches larger.


lady resin planter



2. Finding the Right Material

There are a few materials used in making planters. The most common ones are plastic and clay. Plastic pots are the cheapest and most lightweight, which is suitable for hanging plants. On the other hand, clay pots are a much heavier, and porous. As a result, you need to water more often. We recommend this material for succulents, orchids and those that requires less water. 


nude male body planter made of porcelain


3. Don't Forget the Drainage

A common mistake that home owners make is that they do not check if the planters come with a drainage hole or not. Most houseplants need it to allow water out. However, if the pot you love doesn't have a drainage hole, try double potting. you can easily buy a cheap plastic pot to put inside the pot you like. 


rain boot ceramic porcelain planter

There you have it: quick and useful information that could have you find the next great planters for your home. There is so much to learn about how to decorate right and beautifully. If you would like to various ways to decorate with sculptures, you might like to read this.

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wow, i just realized my planters are way too small for the plants I have. Thanks for the great info.


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