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Sneak Peak: Taste Makers' Picks Under 80$

beautiful living room with flowers
Struggle to decorate your space because you are not sure which items would look good? We have curated the best decor pieces that pass the test of time and affordability. Please feel free to click on any image to shop the look. 

1. Genuine Mongolian Lamb Fur Rug

maia homes Baby Pink Mongolian Lamb Fur Accent Rug
This pink Genuine Mongolian Lamb Fur Rug is truly one of a kind. They are very durable and super soft. It can be used as a seating cushion, or an accent rug in a corner space like this. Sale price at 79.99$, you probably cannot find a better deal than this one!

2. Serein Decor Stainless Steel Blue Agate Salad Servers

Serein Decor Stainless Steel Blue Agate Gold Salad Serving Set
Serein Decor is an emerging premium homeware brand in India. We are proud to partner with them on selected items. This stainless steel blue agate salad serving set is a very beautiful piece of art. Featuring real agate stone and stainless steel, they are perfect for gifting.

3. Cobra God of Luxor Egyptian Snake Wall Sculpture

Cobra God of Luxor Egyptian Snake Wall Sculpture
Designed and Made by Design Toscano, Cobra God of Luxor Egyptian Snake Wall Sculpture can be hanged on the wall of almost any room. Paired with this side table, it will look regal. 

4. Thomas Paul Printed Fierce Tiger Area Rug

Thomas Paul Printed Fierce Tiger Area Rug
Next, this printed cotton area rug or accent rug is so colorful. Made in India, it has that look of a one of a kind rug that will brighten up your space like no other. Plus, They also come in many sizes and patterns. Check out its full collection here

5. Handwoven Cactus Silk Pillow Cover 

Handwoven Cactus Silk Pillow Cover
Hand woven in moroccan, this cover deserves nothing but the best home that could love and take care of it. Furthermore, they are so fresh, organic, and authentic. They can add so much colors to a room. Moreover, They come in many colors as well. Check out the whole collection here.  

6. Faux Rabbit Fur Body Pillows with Adjustable Insert 

Faux Fur Body Pillow with Adjustable Insert
This body pillow is a special pillow because of many reasons. Firstly, each cover is very well made from premium faux fur material. Secondly, they are easy to care for as they can be machine washable. Thirdly, another unique feature of this body pillow is its insert, which incorporates with an internal zipper that allows you to adjust the filling or stuffing inside to your preference. The best part is the insert is also machine washable. And, the best of the best part is it is under 50$. So, grab one before it's gone. 


Hand Crafted Porcelain Happy Baby Face Coffee Mug

Hand Crafted Porcelain Happy Baby Face Coffee Mug
Hand crafted in Israel, this happy baby face coffee mug is uniquely made with premium quality porcelain. It is full of character and fierce! A perfect gift for your loved one from Israel.


Faux Fur Rug

maia homes 2' x 6' Animal Shape Artificial Wool Faux Fur Rug
We are very proud of our artificial wool rug collection. They are the best quality out there. We guarantee it doesn't get better than this. This home rug is durable, thick, and super soft. For 50$, you can definitely get a great accent rug 4' x 6'. Come in 5 colors, they can accommodate any room. Pets love this area rug. Try it for yourself.


Silk Cherry Blossom Branch - Pack of 3 

Maia homes Silk Cherry Blossom Pack of 3
Cherry Blossom is among the most beautiful flowers out there. Luckily, we offer the faux flower options that will stay beautiful in your room forever. They stand at 39" tall. Come in pack of 3, these silky cherry blossom flowers are just perfect for a tall vase.

10. Abstract Black Wave Cotton Throw Blanket


Maia Homes Abstract Black Wave Cotton Throw Blanket


Who doesn't love a beautiful piece of art? Even better if we can use them and feel them in our daily life. This perfect abstract black wave throw are made of quality cotton and polyester. This blanket effortlessly adds a bold color to your room in a subtle way.

11. Genuine Mongolian Wool Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover

Maia Homes Genuine Mongolian Wool Lumbar Pillow Cover
Yes. Genuine Mongolian Wool Pillow are expensive. But we still manage to find a great deal for you. Sale price at 39.99$, this lumbar throw pillow cover is definitely worth twice as much. The long, curly, and soft hair gives you the luxurious feeling instantly. 
animal inspired living room with gold lamp

I hope this article could help you find something that sparks joy in you and inspire you to decorate your space. And, if you enjoy this article, you may also like 

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Until next time.

 maia homes beautiful living room decoration with faux fur rug white and gray tone

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