The Art of Shopping Purposefully

Living is an art. Decorating is an art. Shopping is an art as well if you do it right. Sadly, in the last decades, corporates have only been concerned about their bottom lines by producing cheap quality goods and profiting hugely from that. Today, our purpose is to bring you back to a simpler time when shopping for quality goods was a norm. We will discuss the art of purposeful shopping, and how it impacts the quality of your life as a consumer.

The Epidemics of Cheap Imports

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It seems, nowadays, everyone finds joy in knowing that they buy stuff at the cheapest price, without knowing exactly what they are getting. And, they seem to care less and less for the quality of these products. As a result, it has become acceptable in our society that stuff is made cheaply and not expected to last long.

However, if we keep encouraging these behaviors, we are leading an unsustainable way of life for many reasons. It is clearly bad for the environment. And, it certainly reduces the quality of your life. Most importantly, it doesn't bring you any long-lasting satisfying joy.

maia homes shopping purposefully
For example, it is common for people to buy manufactured wood, known as MDF, as furniture. We can understand why. MDF furniture is cheap, compared to real wood. However, because they are made with wood fibers bonded together by resin and wax, they are not water or heat-resistant. Unlike solid wood, they do not last very long. They tend to swell or warp after one or two years of normal wear and tear. At that point, the joy of owning nice furniture that you would like to build a long-lasting memory with would evaporate. You might even blame yourself for not thinking it through before you made that investment by purchasing poor-quality furniture. In the end, you are stuck with a deteriorating piece of furniture that is hard to get rid of and has no resale value.
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Shop Purposefully

The solution to this widespread problem is to practice the art of shopping purposefully. And, by being aware of the situation, you are already one step ahead of most people.

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Before you make a purchase, study the products, read the material tags, check the stitching, and read the reviews. Ask yourself a few important questions. Do you need it? Where would you keep it? Will it last? Where is its origin? Does it have resale value?

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These questions may seem unimportant if you often make purchases on impulse. But, they will slowly help you understand your needs and wants better, and as a result, make better decisions as a consumer. If you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, you are more likely to be happier with your purchase.

Shopping used to be a more meaningful experience because you know that you are getting more than the possessions. You are creating meaningful and long-lasting memories with those objects. I hope you enjoy reading this article. Let us know in the comment below what would make your shopping experiences more meaningful. We would love to hear from you!

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