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The Best Home Area Rug: Why You Should Invest in a New Zealand Wool Rug.

Rugs have always been an interesting form of art. For centuries, we have used them to decorate floors and other parts of a house. They come in multiple sizes and can be made from many different kinds of raw materials including cotton, wool, silk, and viscose. Today, I am going to focus on New Zealand Wool Rugs in specific because of their gaining popularity.


New Zealand Wool is the Whitest, Cleanest Natural Fibers

Maia Homes New Zealand Wool Production 

A New Zealand wool rug is a rug made of wool fibers that originates from New Zealand. Its wool fiber is famous for its excellent bright white color which is perfect for dying colors. In fact, New Zealand wool is substantially whiter and cleaner than any other wools. And, the significant color depth allows further colors to be dyed evenly, like clean pastel shades and deeper blacks. 


New Zealand Greenery

Because of New Zealand's scenic vast grassland with little to no weeds, the country can produce organic wools that do not have to go through a chemical treatment to eliminate weeds from their fleece. As a result, New Zealand wool is known for its consistent and excellent quality of premium wool that is desired by luxury brands from around the world. 


New Zealand Wool is Much Softer Than Regular Wool 

New Zealand Wool


New Zealand wool fibers are also softer than other wools because of the country's unique environment and wool breed. And, with the right weaving techniques, they do not shed, or shed very little compared to regular quality wools. 


New Zealand Wool is a Product of Science

 Leopards in the Love Garden Hand Tufted Wool Rug - Blue

Over the last few decades, scientists have done so much study and research into breeding New Zealand sheep for the best quality wool, making it arguably the best kind of wool out there to make a home area rug.


New Zealand Wool is Environmental Friendly

 Authentic new zealand wool


The best part is New Zealand wool is 100% biodegradable and recyclable because of the wool's natural production. With each sheep growing a new fleece every year, it is also renewable. 


New Zealand Wool Rug is Authentic

Authentic New Zealand Wool Rug Maia Homes

New Zealand wool has been a part of a long rug-making history because of its premium features above. Each New Zealand wool rug is one of a kind that no synthetic fiber could replace. It introduces authenticity, rich culture, and tradition to a home.
So, before you decide to purchase a valuable area rug for your home, I hope you consider a New Zealand Wool Rug as a smart investment because of the reasons we discuss above. 

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