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Let’s Celebrate Valentine’s Day In These 5 Countries For A Change!

Valentine's Day is celebrated in a variety of ways around the world, from elaborate displays of affection in Japan to small, romantic gestures in Italy. Symbols such as red roses and gold jewelry are well-known worldwide as well-known expressions of love.

Each country has its own customs and traditions for celebrating this fun time of romance. Check out how lovers all around are celebrating February 14th, whether it's with chocolate in Ecuador or kissing a codfish in Newfoundland.

Valentine's Day is a celebration that comes around once a year, and everyone has an opinion about it. Some people enjoy this day because of the passion and romance it entails. Culture plays a huge role in the way Valentine's Day is celebrated. One of the wonderful aspects of culture is its diversity, which provides us with so many different ways to spice up our lives.


Valentine's Day, also known as "La Saint Valentin," is largely a day for couples to celebrate their love rather than for families and children. Its origins, according to the French and English, are that in the Middle Ages, birds began to mate in mid-February. This is when young women try to guess who their future spouses will be. 

But do the French do it differently in a more modern time? Well, they have always honored Valentine's Day with "une loterie d'amour." Single people in France used to stand outside houses screaming for other single people until they were matched. The remaining unmarried women would then assemble to build a fire and burn photos of the males who had abandoned them.

While this ceremony was beneficial to the unwedded ladies who participated at first, it quickly became out of control and was prohibited by the French government. Instead, greetings are sent to their lovers. Then, traditions began to evolve, and they now revolve around the giving of gifts such as roses and chocolates, as well as going on dates at fancy restaurants or admiring the beauty of the Eiffel Tower under a starry sky.



Bulgarians, like everyone else on the planet, celebrate Valentine's Day with hearts decorating the streets at the start of February and crazy commercials about love and lovers in every medium. On the same day, however, there is another holiday that is much more Bulgarian than the pink one. The Wine Holiday is what we call it. It is far more important not only for Bulgarians but for all Balkan citizens.

St. Trifon Zarezan is the patron saint of vine growing and wine production in Bulgaria because he observes the transition from winter to spring. This time is traditionally marked by the pruning of old twigs on a vine, allowing for the new life of spring.

While the men are pruning the vines, the women bake festive loaves decorated with dough vines and grapes or shaped into round loaves that represent the fertility of the field. After the pruning is finished, the vine grower with the best vines from the previous year is crowned the "Vine King." After being paraded thru the village, everyone gathers to eat bread, drink wine, and dance all night long.



South Korea

Many unknowns surround Valentine's Day in South Korea. When is Valentine's Day celebrated in Korea? Is Valentine's Day observed in Korea? What do Koreans do on Valentine's Day? Let's take it one at a time. 

On February 14, South Koreans will celebrate Valentine's Day. However, South Koreans celebrate it uniquely in terms of gift-giving. On this day, only women in South Korea give chocolate to men. Unlike in the United States, women give men gifts on Valentine's Day. At the same time, convenience stores and supermarkets will have a large display of various popular chocolates and even ready-made goodie baskets for sale.

In addition, couples go on dates. They enjoy a romantic and happy day. Although some argue that it is not a significant holiday if you are dating a Korean, you should be aware of it. While they may not care about themselves, their peers and friends might, so it would be better if they could say something about celebrating it when asked. On the other hand, singles do not celebrate this, but they do celebrate a similar holiday known as Black Day.


South China

The Qixi Day (Seventh Evening Festival) has been observed since the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). The legend of the cowherd and the weaver girl (Niulang and Zhinü) inspired the Qixi Festival. They used to celebrate by demonstrating skills (dexterity), worshiping the weaver fairy (the star Vega), honoring oxen, and making and eating 'Skill Fruit' (qio gu /chyaoww-gwor/'skill fruit').

The Double Seven Festival (Qixi) is the most romantic of traditional Chinese festivals, and it has become known as "Chinese Valentine's Day" since China's globalization. Instead of following traditional customs, the Chinese celebrate Valentine's Day by giving flowers, chocolates, and other gifts to their sweethearts.




Estonian culture and way of life have been influenced by pre-Christian mythology, which is still evident today. As in the rest of the world, this day of love is observed on February 14th. Valentine's Day celebrations in Estonia are very unique and fascinating, as the day is about relationships of love, romance, and friendship, as well as being with one's partner.

The country's customs are traditionally known as Sobrapaev and are distinguished by elaborate decorations all around. The various boulevards and shopping complexes are adorned with flowers, ribbons, and other decorations. People even decorate their homes with colorful lights and invite friends and family to spend quality time together. 

A wide selection of Valentine's Day gifts are available, including handmade crafts and elaborate luxury gifts. People enjoy receiving special Valentine's chocolates, heart-shaped decorations, cards, and other love-themed gifts. In addition to young couples, children and adults also exchange gifts. Festivities at the festival are not subject to any restrictions or limitations.

It is a special moment in the country. Among the major Valentine's Day attractions in Estonia are live musical performances, theatrical performances, folk dances, and delectable traditional cuisine.


Valentine’s Day is a special holiday celebrated by people worldwide. While many cultures observe this day differently, one thing is certain – it brings couples closer together and reminds us to show our loved ones how much they mean to us each day of the year.

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