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Why Do You Need a Rug in Your Home?

pink tiger rug for living room
Of all the most beautiful decorative elements in a house, rugs are one of the most versatile, functional, and popular items that serve multiple purposes. Their beauty can change the look and feel of a room. You can lay them on a floor or hang them on a wall. From providing comfort to your feet to reducing noise, here are the reasons why you must have at least one floor rug in your home. 

1. Rugs Are a Work of Art.

Maia Homes Hand Tufted Tiger Wool Rug

No matter what material it comes from or how much it costs, Every rug carries a design. From traditional floral or animal patterns, squiggles, brushstrokes, and wiggly stripes to contemporary abstract arts, sketches, and prints, every design is a product of creativity. In fact, some of the designs are so beautiful that you can hang them on a wall for display. So, here are the main reasons why you shouldn't live without a floor rug.

2. Rugs Help Zone Areas Within Open Spaces.


Maia Homes Neutral Rug Large Living Area Decoration


The open floor plan has become increasingly popular among newly built homes. We often see homes with a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room sharing one giant space. While open space has its perks, it introduces a little problem when trying to decorate a specific part of the room. For example, without a rug, your dining room and living room furniture may look a bit lost like a ship in the open sea. So, to help separate a living room from a kitchen, you can use rugs to define each area because area rugs can help zoning spaces and anchor your furniture.

3. Rugs Help Reduce Noise.

Maia homes hand made rugs checker rug bedroom rug

If you have tile or hardwood floors, especially on the second floor, you have to get an area rug. Hard-surface floors do not absorb the noise and vibration of any movements like walking, running, or simply dropping an object. Tile and hardwood floors will echo the sound everywhere in your home. So, by adding a layer of rug as sound absorption, you will live in a quieter home. 

4. Rugs Increase Safety.


Persian Hand Made Rug Runner


Walking on tile or hardwood floors can increase your chance of slippery. It is even more dangerous if you have small children learning to walk or running around. A floor rug could reduce slips, falls, or even injuries from falling. It offers you grips for walking safety and acts as the perfect landing protection as the cushion supports the heads, knees, and hands while falling.
We recommend placing an area rug in areas with a lot of traffic or anywhere with a higher chance of incidents. For example, you may place a runner rug in a long hallway as it is a heavy traffic area. Or, you may place a cotton rug in a bathroom to absorb water and prevent slips.

5. Rugs Cover Imperfection. 

Maia Homes Hand Tufted Tiger Face Rug Lion Face shape accent rug

If you are looking to make a change to your floor or wall on a minimal budget, we suggest you consider a floor rug. Designer rugs can cover a floor or wall imperfection without breaking your bank. You can fix small issues such as a cracked tile or a stained wooden plank by covering it with a beautiful area rug. 
However, if it is a flooring issue that could cause accidents or dangers, you should not cover up the problems with a rug. Seek professional help right away.

6. Rugs Protect Your Expensive Floors.


Maia Homes Checker wool Rug Made in Morocco


People often regret NOT having an area rug in high-traffic areas of their home, like in a hallway or under a dining table. It is easy to scratch your expensive flooring by moving heavy boxes or furniture if you do not protect your floor with a rug or carpet. And, once you have caused scratches or damage to the flooring, it is so expensive and time-consuming to fix the blemishes that you leave it as is. That is regret and a lesson most homeowners experience. So, invest in an area rug to prevent damage to your expensive flooring. 
Maia Homes Sheepskin Faux Fur Rug Animal Shaped Carpet
We recommend protecting the area under a dining table where scratches from dining chairs are inevitable. Use another rug at the entryway to keep shoes from leaving debris and marks on the floor. Other busy traffic areas include areas near the garage, lounge room, playroom, and kitchen. 

7. Rug Maintenance is Easier and Cheaper Than Floor Maintenance.

Orange Interior Decoration Hall Way Beautiful Indoor Architect India


Unlike hardwood or tile floors, area rugs are much easier to maintain. In fact, most of the best rugs are so easy to clean by vacuuming and washing in a machine as often as needed. In contrast, maintenance or repair of tile or hardwood floors likely requires costly professional help. Although it is much easier to care for, if something gets spilled on a rug, make sure you remove the stain immediately. If you would like to learn how to maintain a rug, please check this out.

8. Rugs Help Tie Everything Together.


Glam living room with bar cart gold decoration and pink chair


If you are looking to separate your living room from your kitchen, and tie all the pieces of living room furniture together nicely and cohesively, a high end rug would be a great idea. Without an area rug to connect all the pieces, they seem to float apart. So, by using a rug that is big enough to fit under the front legs of every piece of furniture, you can bring the living room together beautifully. 

9. Rugs Provide Comfort.

Maia Homes Persian Traditional Red Hand Made Rug

It is no surprise that rugs are softer on your feet than tile or hardwood floors. Whether you typically wear home slippers or not, you will feel the softness under your feet while walking on a carpet rug. Additionally, floor rugs also provide comfort to your feet at night. No one likes to walk to a bathroom on a cold hard surface floor in the middle of the night. So, having a rug in your bedroom is not only beautiful but also helpful when you get out of bed. 

10. Rugs Create Warmth. 


Maia Homes White Faux Fur Rug Sheepskin Wool Carpet


In addition to being softer, rugs are warmer than tile or wood floors. They create warmth both emotionally and physically. During the colder months, rugs will help warm up the floor. The best rugs for winter include sheepskin or faux fur rugs, shaggy moroccan rugs, and hand woven wool rugs. They are made of materials like wool that will help insulate the coldness of a floor. So, placing an area rug in a living room will create instant warmth and coziness that attract people to come together and create loving memories.

11. Layers of Rugs Are a Trend.


Maia Homes Faux Fur Rug layering on Neutral Jute Rug


Layering rugs has been a trend in home decor for decades. Layering floor rugs means you lay a small beautiful rug on top of a larger neutral rug to create a new look and feel. For example, you love a fur rug so much but the size is too small to work in a living room. So, you purchase a bigger jute rug that has the perfect size for your living room, and you lay the fur rug over the jute rug in a way that creates a beautiful contrast in texture and perfect harmony in style. 
There are many good reasons behind this styling. The most common motivation is that the beautiful designer rug you love doesn't come in the size that works for your space, so you get creative layering it. Secondly, the designer rug you want might be so expensive that you could only afford a smaller size. So, get creative and have fun with layering rugs

12. Rugs Brighten Up Dark Rooms.

maia homes abstract gold gilded area rug 
The trend has gone toward installing dark hardwood floors because they do a better job at hiding blemishes from wear and tear. However, it can be dull and less attractive. Laying a beautiful lighter-tone designer rug is an easy way to fix the problem by brightening up a room and creating an interesting texture.

13. Rugs are Renter-Friendly Renovation. Maia Homes Handmade Rug

The best thing about rugs are that they instantly add color, texture, and pattern to a room and create a visual interest that reflects your style and personality. They are considered practical, functional art for your floor that helps define the mood or character of a room.
Rugs are especially great if you’re renting and want to freshen up the space but aren’t allowed to paint the walls.So, if you stomp upon a beautiful designer rug that is too pretty to walk on, consider displaying it on a wall instead of making it a work of art.

14. Rugs Have the Ability to Change the Look and Feel.


scallop design jute rug


Decorative rugs are one of the most influential elements in home decor. It could change the esthetics of a room completely. It could instantly make a room look modern, traditional, bold, or dark based on its design. For dramatic contrast effect, place a dark rug on a light floor and vice versa. And if you love to decorate in various themes, we recommend having a few high end rugs to alternate according to your moods. 

15. Rugs Add Characters and Personalities.

black and gold rug 
Nowadays, carpet rugs come in every shape, size, color, and design. Finding a beautiful rug that makes a statement has never been easier. In the past few years, bright color rugs and animal-shaped rugs have gained popularity greatly and showed no sign of going out of style anytime soon. And it is easy to understand why. They add characters and personalities to your space. So, if you feel your room is missing a little something, try incorporating a high end rug. It might just fill in the void nicely. 

Final Thoughts 


maia homes white and gold gilded area rug


After you discover so many benefits of having a rug in your home, I hope you are motivated to find a perfect rug for any space you may want to cover. From their practicality to beauty, rugs are an excellent addition to any home. A rug brings comfort and warmth physically and mentally. It protects your expensive floor and absorbs noise. Plus, it is an art for your floor and wall. It helps tie and define a room and add textures, characters, and personalities. It is so much more than just a home decor element. If you are in the market for a new rug and need any help selecting one, browse our curated collection of quality handmade rugs here
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