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Why Gold Lace Sunburst Pillows Are the Ultimate Decorative Pillows for Curators

From its delicate lace to its tasteful colors, Gold Lace Sunburst Pillow in a Shell is the ultimate decorative pillow that so many curators have an eye on for many reasons. Today we are going to share with you the secrets to its beauty and why it is such a pride item for antique curators.

One of a Kind Lace

Gold Lace Sunburst Shell Pillow Maia Homes
Gold Lace Sunburst Pillow by Maia Homes is a unique pillow that features one-of-a-kind laces on its borders. The golden lace is so delicate and shiny that it accentuates the shape of the pillow dramatically. This lace is inspired by gold netting found in Egyptian and Assyrian culture in 1000 BCE. It has been a symbol of high status and elegance ever since.

Unique Shape

Gold Lace Sunburst Pillow in a Shell Black
Unlike many sunburst pillows out there, Gold Lace Sunburst Pillow by Maia Homes is handcrafted in a unique sunburst shape resembling the beautiful spectrum of light emitted by the sun during rising and setting. It is a perfect manifestation of human's love for nature. This one-of-a-kind pillow is worth curating for its thoughtful design and production.

Rich, Velvety Feel

Gold Lace Sunburst Shell Pillow Maia Homes
Besides its unique shape, Maia Homes' Gold Lace Sunburst Pillow in a Shell is hand-made from a rich velvet material that complements its lace perfectly. The velvet fabric is easy to clean by simply spot-cleaning with warm water when needed. They are very soft and silky, making them a luxurious item to possess and a great way to add texture and interest to a space.

Excellent Craftsmanship

There is no doubt that excellent craftsmanship is involved in the intricate making of this unique pillow. The shaping and lacing of each one require masterful tailors who understand the delicacy of the matters. With each one taking hours of skilled labor to perfect, this pillow deserves recognition for excellent craftsmanship.

Tasteful Colors

Gold Lace Sunburst Shell Pillow Maia Homes
The limited edition of the Gold Lace Sunburst Pillow in a Shell comes in four colors. The Black and Golden Colors are shiny velvets, while the green and brown colors have a matt finish. Either of them is popular among vintage lovers. They are a fresh take on an old classic.

Royal Ever-lasting Appeal

Gold Lace Sunburst Shell Pillow Maia Homes

Centuries ago, gold lace pillows were primarily used for decorative purposes in palaces of kings and queens across Europe and even graced the heads of some of history's most prominent figures during their portraits. This gold lace sunburst shell pillow definitely has a royal ever-lasting appeal and would graciously adorn any palace setting you can imagine.

Perfect Present

perfect gift idea maia homes sun burst pillow

Because of its hand-crafted quality and unique features, the gold lace sunburst velvet pillow is an excellent addition to any home and a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. It is the kind of beautiful gift that everyone will remember. From housewarming to a birthday celebration, this unusual sunburst pillow is a superb choice for any special occasion.
Gold Lace Sunburst Shell Pillow Maia Homes

What is your thought on the one-of-a-kind gold lace sunburst in a shell pillow? From its uniqueness to its extraordinary craftsmanship, this pillow is a statement piece worth collecting and displaying in any beautiful home. It is the kind of pillow with an everlasting beauty guaranteed to never go out of style. It will make great first impressions and start a great conversation. So, you'd better make it yours sooner than later.

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