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Why Shopping Cheap Sales Won't Make Us Happy

Don't you ever wonder how big businesses can sell products so cheap that it doesn't make sense to you? And, don't you get frustrated when the quality of the stuff you purchase on a deep sale starts to deteriorate after a few uses? Today, we are here to discuss why shopping cheaply doesn't make you feel happy and fulfilled in the long term, and what you could do to change that experience.

How Did We Get Here?

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In the last few decades, we have seen the practice of planned obsolescence become widespread in all industries. For those of you who have not heard of planned obsolescence, it is a practice of producing consumer goods that become obsolete so rapidly that it requires customers to make a new purchase.

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 The sad truth is that planned obsolescence is encouraged in our economy because it benefits the bottom line of big corporations, without any consideration of consumers' will.

Why Are We Not Happy With Our Purchases?

Cheaply-Made Goods Ruin Our Values

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We are unhappy because we are in an epidemic of cheaply-made goods. Majority of manufacturers and businesses out there are prioritizing cheap costs for big profit, at the expense of quality materials and labor-intensive craftsmanship. Additionally, manipulative marketing and rock-bottom prices have caused consumers to lose touch with the concept of long-term value.

Cheaply-Made Goods Add Worry to Our Lives

Have you ever broken something you just bought after a couple of uses? You are not alone. Taking care of poor-quality products can be frustrating and ultimately add more stress to our lives. They usually require more maintenance. 
Simply put, we do not feel fulfilled or satisfied with our shopping experiences because the things we buy are not made to last. They are made to break quickly, so we would have to replace them eventually.

What Can We Do Differently?

Knowing is not enough. We have to act on it. And, we have to stay aware of these facts and change our shopping habits. Most importantly, we have to revitalize the concept of "made to last" and value exceptional craftsmanship that, in some parts of the world, is dying due to non-commercialization and a lack of preservation. 

Understand What You Are Buying

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Take a beautifully hand woven wool rug from Morocco as an example. It would take months to produce one area rug, but it would last for generations, unlike the cheap machine-made polyester rugs from China or Turkey. This hand-woven Moroccan shag rug is a  creation that would live with you and your family for generations. It would become an heirloom, an identity, and a precious memory. This type of purchase is so satisfying and fulfilling. Although it is not great for profitability, we still encourage it for our customers' happiness.

Invest in Long-Lasting Quality Products

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Investing in long-lasting quality homewares will promote our happiness and contentment. And, the reason is beautiful. We do our part in reducing our carbon footprint while owning beautifully made-to-last lifelong possessions. 
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The benefit of investing in long-lasting quality homewares goes far beyond saving money in the long term. It also has tremendous environmental and social implications. Products that last stay out of the landfill and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Buying unique handcrafted homeware which are meant to last a lifetime will turn a purchase into a meaningful lifelong possession. It gives a new meaning to the objects. It encourages you to take the time to care for, maintain and repair them. 
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Additionally, investing in made-to-last homewares means that the traditions of making long-lasting goods like wool rugs or carved wooden furniture will stay alive because those artisans and craftsmen can make a living doing what they do best. So, it is a win-win!
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If you find value in this article and become inspired to live a more fulfilling life, check out our latest blogs on how we could help you shop purposefully.

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