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6 Expert Advices to Make Your Home Looks Expensive

For a lot of women out there, we love to decorate. However, very few of us know how to put together an expensive living experience. Because decorating beautifully is no easy task since it requires a whole lot of time, space, money, and effort. But it doesn't have to be that way! Today, I will share with you all the little details on how to make your home look expensive. 

1. Level-Up Your Crockery Game

Blue Trim on White Porcelain Dinnerware maia homes
It is all in the details. Daily functional homewares are among the most important elements that you do not want to overlook while decorating. You can easily boost-up your living space and your dining experience at the same time by simply choosing beautiful crockery for yourself or your loved ones.
White Porcelain Dinnerware is the perfect choice for your home. They have a great clean look and very well made appearance. Porcelain dishes are tough wearing and durable. In addition to that, these porcelain plates are hand crafted in Israeli artisans, making each plate unique and irreplaceable. Not only are they durable on any kitchen countertop or table, but they also bring that expensive look to the table. 

2. Invest in Well Made Furniture

Bone Inlay Targua 4 Drawers Chest maia homes 
Furniture does fill a home. It adds great volume and gives shapes to its surrounding. So, every piece of furniture in your home will effect your decor style. For example, If you choose to buy cheap furniture that are made from iron, or manufactured wood, they will make your entire space look cheap. However, if you would like to make your home look expensive, invest in beautifully hand made furniture like brass, stainless steel, and solid wood like this chest drawer. It is a perfect piece of furniture for elevating your space while providing ample room for storage. 

3. Always Go for a Well Made Rug

 maia homes white faux sheepskin fur rug artificial wool rug 
The best thing to upgrade your flooring easily with a small budget is to cover with a rug, however, not any rugs you should consider. A beautiful rug that is placed at the right place in a home could change the vibe and appearance of the space dramatically. And, choosing the right kind of rugs is very important too.
Avoid purchasing cheap polypropylene or polyester machine made rugs. They are made from petroleum, and their printed designs are not long lasting.
A great alternative would be a faux fur rug, a hand made printed cotton rug, or a handmade natural fiber rug.
But the best of all is a vintage area rug. Either you are looking to hide away any imperfection on the floor, or simply looking to give your home an expensive upgrade, there is no better way to elevate your living space with a one of a kind rug. 

4. Install a Full-Sized Mirror

 hand carved full size mirror solid wood made in india maia homes
Nothing screams luxury and taste more than a beautifully hand carved one of a kind mirror. You can add elegance to your room by placing a large mirror across the wall. Floral Carved wood standing mirror is the fantastic choice for this as it makes the room looks much bigger while adding grace and elegance. A full-length mirror is also a great way to hide any wall blemishes. Put the mirror in front of your unsightly spot, and it will be hidden from view. 

5. Bring Elegance with Ottomans

maia homes tufted velvet ottoman blue square
No any luxurious home could live without a beautifully made ottoman. Ottomans are the hidden gems that can enhance your space with lots of different functions. Upholstered Ottomans can be as storage, seating, and a coffee table. Beautifully tufted ottomans are not only great pieces of furniture for hosting guests, but also bring a sense of styles that can be moved around the house easily. Whether small or large, please don't overlook this versatile piece of furniture for any room décor. 

6. Emphasize on Art Pieces

 maia homes greek goddess statue
Since ancient history, we have noticed that a well decorated elite home often displays historically and beautifully hand crafted sculptures. They are symbols of wisdoms, beauty, arts and so much more. So, decorative sculptures are, after all, not just for decoration. They're the perfect intellectual conversation starters. Take this Huntress Bust Statute as an example. Her beauty adds elegance to your home and will easily help you and your guests start a conversation. 
I hope this information helps you with what you are looking to achieve in your home decoration journey. If you are looking for more ways to make your bedroom a sanctuary, check out this valuable blog

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