Little Things that Will Brighten Up Your Home

small porcelain trays maia homes
Have you ever gone shopping and come back home with small things and they just make you feel so much better? This article is hoping to take you on a shopping trip for beautiful little things that will inspire your home. Feel free to click on each image to shop the look. Without further ado, let's go. 

1. Mini Porcelain Decorative Tray

  Gold Gilded Leopards in the Sky Square Porcelain Trinket Tray
Porcelain Decorative Trays are so super adorable. Plus, they are very well made and are usually a bit heavier and more durable than a ceramic tray. Additionally, decor tray can help you stay organized with jewelry, hair ties, and so on. 

2. Porcelain Coffee Mugs 

Gold Rim Evil Eyes Mug and Tray Collection
How cute are these porcelain coffee mugs and plates? The colors and patterns are inspired by bohemian and glam decor. You can browse the whole collection here.

3. Intricate Carved Henna Hand Trinket

Intricate Carved Henna Hand

These beautiful henna carved hand trinkets are a must-have. they can hold keys and rings with style. 

4. Elephant Head Wall Hanging Vase

Elephant Head Wall Hanging Vase

This little elephant head vase is just so adorable. It adds so much dimension to the space. Plus, you can use the storage as a small flower vase. How cute!

5. Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check Fluted Heart Plate

Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check Fluted Heart Plate
The list of little things that will brighten up a room cannot be complete without having this beautiful very well crafted heart plate from Mackenzie-Childs. Hand painted by local artists in New York, This plate is among our best sellers. 

6. Holiday Decorative Rocking Horse Figurine

Maia homes Holiday Decorative Rocking Horse
This is such a classic piece. It brings joy to not only adults but also children. Made from high quality resin, they come in 2 sizes. And they both look stunning as a pair as well. 

7. Palm Reader Jewelry Stand

Palm Reader Jewelry Stand
If you haven't seen anything interesting and peculiar yet, I hope this one sparks your interest. This Palm Reader Hand is as cool and practical as it can be.

8. Klimt Kiss Porcelain Coffee Mug With Spoon

Klimt Kiss Porcelain Coffee Cups With Spoon
Klimt Kiss Porcelain Coffee Mug With Spoon is made of high quality porcelain and embedded with beautiful design of Klimt Art. It is an excellent gift idea for your loved ones or yourself. This gold accent mug will bring fun to your coffee time instantly.
I hope you find these little decorative pieces inspiring enough to want to bring them home. Check out our part II article in the blogs for more desserts for your eyes. 

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