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The Best Gifts Under 150$ for Vintage Style Lovers

It's the season for gifts since the holiday season is here. And, just like every year, a lot of us are having trouble finding gifts for their loved ones. So, we decide to make a list of our best sellers that are definitely not going disappoint. 

1. Gold Series Floral Vintage Velvet Pillow Cases With Tassel

Gold Series Floral Vintage Velvet Pillow Cases With Tassel 
First stop, this beautiful series of gold floral pillowcases are so classic. In addition, these covers are very well made. To top it all up, they are timeless and elegant, suitable for gifting your loved ones this holiday season.

2. Antique Octagonal Royal Bell Floral Lamp Shade

 Antique Octagonal Royal Bell Floral Lamp Shade
Speaking of classics, this lampshade can be a surprise gift to be remembered. The shape and pattern of this lampshade are a perfect combination of royal and floral designs. Thus, making it one of the best gifts during this holiday. Step up your gifting game by making a statement with this beautiful antique look lamp shade.


3. Ivory Faux Shagreen Leather Storage Boxes - Set of 3

Ivory Faux Shagreen Leather Storage Boxes - Set of 3 
For all home décor lovers, a set of beautiful decorative storage boxes could make you skip a heartbeat. This set is crafted from faux shagreen leather and stainless steel. As a result, the boxes have a very luxurious look and feel. 
Certainly, it is a true luxury set of storage boxes that can be used by both men and women, in the office, or at home. Price at 149.99$, it is so worth it for the set. 

4. Golden Mozaic Pattern Porcelain Coffee Mug With Spoon

Golden Mozaic Pattern Porcelain Coffee Mug With Spoon 
Nothing can go wrong with gifting your loved ones a mug, especially a beautiful one like this. Generally, gifting mugs is a thoughtful gift that always seems to show that you care. At the same time, this mug does bring a holiday spirit with the gold mosaic pattern and its beautiful spoon.

5. Nordic Essential Oil Scented Candle Collection

Nordic Essential Oil Scented Candle Collection 
Next, our nordic essential oil scented candles are among our best sellers that customers like to gift others. They come in many unique-looking jars and have great luxurious scents ranging from floral to earthly scents, making them a great part of the best gifts to select.

6. Jacquard Chain Table Runner

Jacquard Chain Table Runner 
Let's be real for a second: a beautiful make-a-statement table runner is hard to come by. This Jacquard Chain Design Table Runner is just that. To be exact, it comes in orange color and green color. As a result, it is just perfect for any not-boring home because of its rich color and regal patterns with long thick tassels. 

7. Retro Little Angel Candle Holder

 Retro Little Angel Candle Holder
Aren't they the cutest candle holders ever? In addition to the list, these little angel candle holders sound amazing, look amazing, and make amazing gifts to anyone young or old, during this holiday season.
Furthermore, they come in many shapes and sizes, which is great for a mix and match to add more dimensions to the candles they hold. 
Further, the price starts at 22$ a piece, you can gift one or many, depending on your budget.

8.  Pierced Ceramic Ginger Jar

Pierced Ceramic Ginger Jar


Ginger jars have become increasingly popular in the last year, thanks to all the Instagram influencers who can't seem to get enough of these exquisitely shaped vases. It would be a perfect holiday gift that no one can disappoint.
In addition to the various sizes we carry, they are also available in three colors: White, Silver, and of course, Gold. 

9. Vintage Royal Horse Bone China Cigar Holder

Vintage Royal Horse Bone China Cigar Holder 
The hardest person to find a gift for is a man, in my experience, until I found this cigar holder. To be honest, do not let the name fools you. Indeed, it is a perfect tray for more than just cigars.
To illustrate, it is shaped as a rectangular tray with cigar holding spots. Moreover, this vintage look cigar holder can be used to store keys or a watch.
Additionally, the rich colors of the royal horse printed on high-quality bone china make it a great choice as a gift. 

10. Vintage Bright Horse Bone China Mug and Saucer Set

Vintage Bright Horse Bone China Mug and Saucer Set 
Because we discussed the beautiful royal horse prints on the cigar holder tray, we cannot end the article without mentioning this beautiful mug and saucer set on our list of 10 great gifting ideas.

Surprisingly, it is just priced under 30$, perfect for gifting tea or coffee lovers.

We hope these beautiful items that are all under 150$ are worth gifting to someone special. Let us know in the comments which gifts you love to give someone OR be gifted.

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