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Why brass decor is expensive

Brass decors are here to stay. From the beginning of history as we know it until modern civilization, we have a very close relationship to this precious metal. Brass is often viewed as being expensive, or among the most expensive decors in a home. And, there are good reasons for this.
maia homes brass cow shape wall hook beautifully made to last forever
For one thing, brass is a very durable material that can last for many years with proper care. Contrary to its cheaper alternatives like aluminum and iron, brass is also resistant to tarnishing, so it will retain its shiny appearance for a long time.
Maia Homes brass-hand-shake-door-pull-handle
In addition, the raw material cost to produce a brass object is much higher than those of aluminum or iron. In fact, brass is made up almost entirely of copper, which is worth more than zinc, aluminum, or iron.
maia homes brass copper door handles
Because of its durability and beauty, brass decors are definitely worth the investment. In fact, brass has a classic elegance that never goes out of style. As a result, you often see brass incoroporated in high-end decor objects, such as chandeliers and fireplace mantels.

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