Our Story

 Maia, pronounced as m ay - uh, (alternate spelling: Maya) is a female name in various languages with various meanings.

In Greek mythology, Maia is a beautiful nymph and the mother of Hermes, the messenger god. In Roman tradition, she is an earth goddess of springtime. 

In Pali and Sanskrit, Maia means magic (or more accurately a "delusion").

In the Maori language of New Zealand, Maia means "courage" or "bravery".

Homes, pronounced as Howmz, is a plural form of home, is the place where you feel you belong. Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. It is a place to build memories.

 Maia Homes = A marketplace where you could find globally sourced, long lasting quality handcrafted homewares to create your magical haven. Maia Homes offers you a great selection of home furnishings that are inspired by nature, science, extraordinary characters, and wisdoms from around the globe.   

Maia Homes is inspired by ordinary folks that achieve extraordinary things. We believe that every country has so much exceptional quality to be shared globally. And, our mission to is to bring this beautiful world to you from the convenience of your own home.  Maia Homes is a powerful platform that enables the citizens of every nation to showcase their proud and beautiful arts, and cultures with the rest of the world through homewares. 

 Maia Homes' true purpose is to inspire you to keep learning and find your true self through art, culture and history of every corner of the world.

We want to share with you our passion for travel, photography, excellent craftsmanship, and all things eclectic, exotic, and valuable. We are doing our best everyday to create and curate eye-catching decor objects and furnishings from around the globe that are not just functional, long-lasting, but also meant to inspire your artistic expressions and styles.

We are committed to bringing the best customer service experiences from product presentations, quality, packaging, shipping, and return service. You can count on us as the number one destination for exquisite homewares.


Keep on Learning.

- Mai