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Easy Kitchen Transformations Anyone Could Afford

One of the most significant areas of your home is the kitchen. It should be as functional and pleasant as possible since it is where we spend a lot of our time. Simply adding small personal elements to a kitchen is the key to making a beautiful space. Here, we've compiled a few distinctive kitchen accents that will upgrade your kitchen look beautifully without breaking your bank.

1. Hand Painted Porcelain Plate

Hand Painted Porcelain Plate

Here's to individuality and character! You can express your unique style and personality with hand-painted plates. These are perfect for your dining room or kitchen. They come with many artsy beautiful abstract patterns and in different sizes. They can be used as regular plates or decorative wall hangings.

2. Crystal Glass Daisy Flower Cabinet Knobs

Crystal Glass Daisy Flower Cabinet Knobs
These stunning glass Daisy Flower cabinet knobs will dress up your cabinets or drawers and add a touch of luxury. These knobs are ideal for updating the entire look of a kitchen. They are available in five distinct colors and can be used on both cabinet doors and drawers. On top of that, they're simple to put together and will quickly transform the look of the room.

3. Fruits Art Diagram Wall Poster

Fruits Art Diagram Wall Poster

This vintage inspired wall print poster is a great conversation piece for family and friends. It has a vintage aesthetic that is sure to delight everyone in your home. You can also choose from many other retro inspired prints in this collection.

4. Artificial Wool Rug

Maia Homes Faux Fur Rug White Color Machine Washable Dining Rug
For those who love a soft and fuzzy rug, we have great news for you. Our artificial wool rugs are so easy to clean you do not have to worry about spills as you can throw it in a laundry machine anytime. They are so cozy and beautiful that they will elevate your room to the next level. Come in many sizes and colors, these rugs are among our best sellers. 

5. Hanging Mesh Breathable Onion Storage Bag

Hanging Mesh Breathable Onion Storage Bag

This mesh onion storage bag is a great solution to keep onions fresh for a longer period of time. Simply hang it on the wall. It takes up very little space and looks adorable. This bag is also a breeze to keep clean. You can wash it with water and wipe it dry, or, if you prefer, just put it in the dishwasher.  

6. Maia Champagne Oval Bar Cart

Maia Champagne Oval Bar Cart
Last but not least, this beautiful oval-shaped bar cart is a great way to update your kitchen look effortlessly. It adds dimension to your kitchen as well as provides storages to your drinks and drink-wares elegantly. 
So, if you are thinking of updating the look of your kitchen in an affordable way, I hope that this article will be helpful to you. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with Maia Homes!  

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