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Our Values

At Maia Homes, we believe every country is uniquely beautiful and deserves to be appreciated globally. And, our mission is to bring this beautiful world to you from the convenience of your home.

We are driven by our brand values, from durability to our celebration of diversity. Learn more about us below:

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Behind every product, there is an expert who has spent years working with raw materials and perfecting their craft. We work closely with our manufacturers and curate only products from quality-oriented brands. As a result, you can expect long-lasting quality and create beautiful memories with every purchase. 

Excellent Craftsmanship

We are second to none when it comes to valuing excellent craftsmanship. We are passionate about creating objects of affection utilizing nothing but exceptional workmanship.

We believe that every technique, tool, and artisan should be of their finest standard, and always strive to be superior. From the excellent tufting of a wool rug to creating a complex mosaic art piece, we enjoy working with only the best of the best in the industry. Your high standard will only be met by exceptional quality and service. 

Celebration of Diversity

At Maia Homes, your love for travel is shared with and understood deeply by us.  We are inspired by this rich and beautiful world of cultural diversity, from Africa to Asia. Spectacular landscapes, captivating arts, and awe-inspiring architecture around the globe never cease to amaze us. 

We have traveled around the world and met many amazing artists, artisans, craftsmen, and small businesses. They have opened up their heart and shared their stories, from how they got started to how their products are made. And, we celebrate this beautiful diversity via sourcing from all over the world and enabling our customers to enjoy exploring our products based on their country of origin. 

Socially Conscious and Purpose Driven 

The earth is one global home to all of us. We are working toward creating a more sustainable world for our future generation by providing only the most durable products that will produce less environmental impact. We also do not mass-produce or overstock items that would end up in landfills. 

We are also passionate about giving back to society, especially to the ones with little means to help themselves. We are committed to giving back 1% of our profit to charities that support education for girls in the underdeveloped world. 

Little by little, we are spreading the value of long-lasting quality, the celebration of diversities, the strive for excellent craftsmanship, and the importance of loving our world as one big family. 

Curiosity and Science Inspired

At Maia Homes, we love to keep our minds curious and inspired by science. We are fascinated by many discoveries as much as the endeavors and sacrifices which scientists make in order to achieve those.

We are inspired to keep on learning, discovering, and creating new things to share with our customers. We also hope to inspire our customers to have an open mind to new knowledge and experiences.