From Bullet to Brassware: An Inspiring Story of a Cambodian Orphan

large warhead bullet casting remained from cambodian civil wars
For over 20 years, Thoeun Chantha, a orphan turned goldsmith, has given a second life to AK-47 and M-16 bullets by repurposing their brass castings into handcrafted jewelry.
Cambodian war empty bullet castings repurposed
Thoeun's family has been killed in Pol Pot regime in the 70s. As a child, he was sent to an orphanage center that provided him with some vocational trainings. There, he learned to become a goldsmith.
Rumduol flower Brass Bangle made from Cambodian war bullet castings
His family background has motivated to believe and try to live in peace. "I make this to show that the world doesn't want war ... we all want peace." said Chantha. So, making brass jewelry and home goods from empty bullet castings is a way to express himself.
empty bullet casting turned into brass for home decor and jewelry


He has produced many impressive brass goods for renown designers as well as celebrities including Angelina Jolie.
brass craftsman - the process of brass making
Thoeun has also trained many underprivileged teenagers as well as adults to be brass craftsmen, providing them with a stable income.
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empty bullet castings turned into beautiful romduol flower brass decor
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