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Guide to Creating a Relaxing Home

It's no secret that our homes can have a big impact on our mood. When we walk into a cluttered, chaotic space, it can immediately affect our state of mind. On the other hand, a calm and serene environment can help to ease stress and promote a sense of relaxation. If you're looking to create a more tranquil setting in your home, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Use neutral color palette

First, take a look at your color palette. sticking to softer, neutral tones can help to create an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. Or, you can opt in for an easier way to decorate your wall with these neutral wallpapers:

Pink Acrylic Brush Strokes Self Adhesive Decal

pink watercolor neutral wallpaper

Watercolor Green Abstract Mountains Mural Wall Decal


Beige Acrylic Brush Strokes Self Adhesive Decal Wall Mural

Beige Acrylic Brush Strokes Self Adhesive Decal Wall Mural

2. Display personal photo

Next, add some personal touches with photos and artwork that make you happy.
The Mars Project Feminist Astronaut Poster Wall Art

3. Soften your space with texture

And don't forget the power of texture; adding layers of soft fabrics can help to soften the feel of your space.
Blue Bohemian Floral Wool Table Runner with Tassels

4. Burn candles

Candles are also great for creating a relaxing ambiance, so light a few up around your home.
Vintage Inspired Leopard Candle Holder

5. Separate work and play

Finally, it's important to create designated areas for work and play. If your home is constantly filled with clutter and distractions, it will be difficult to relax. By keeping work and leisure separate, you can help to establish a sense of peace in your home.
Light Green Fern Wall Mural
Creating a relaxing home is important for your mental and physical well-being. So, follow these easy steps today and watch your life gradually becoming less chaotic and more relaxed. 

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