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Quick and Easy Expert Advices on Bookshelf Styling That Everyone Should Know

Whether you are looking to decorate a new shelf or redecorate an old shelf, today we are going to cut to the chest and share some tips with you on how to beautifully style a bookshelf or bookcase. Feel free to click on any image you like to shop the look.
Maia Homes Modern Bookshelf styling with books and plants.

1. Style with Books

Designer and travel books are trendy right now. A couple of them on the shelf would be enough to draw attention if you are not a huge fan of reading or collecting books. After all, it is a bookshelf. 
Maia Homes Styling Bookshelf with Plants 

2. Play with Plants

This is probably plants lovers' favorite. Styling a shelf with plants is on-trend right. From succulents to monstera, house plants bring texture and dimension to your home like no other. From bud vases to terrariums, a hint of nature will create a pleasant vibe around your living space. 
Maia Homes Book Shelf Styling Open Concept

3. Add Sentiments

A bookshelf is a great place to showcase your personal and sentimental items like photo frames or souvenirs. They will make your bookcase unique like no other. 

Maia Homes Modern Curve Book Shelf Styling

4. Display Decorative Objects

This one seems obvious, but it can be tricky. The appropriate decor would be smaller pieces like candles, figurines, and vases that do not take up the entire shelf space. So, allow some room on either the side or the top of the shelf. 
Maia Homes Bookshelf styling Modern Open Space Concept

5. Do Not Overcrowd the space

The worst thing you can do to a beautiful bookcase is to overcrowd every space you could possibly find on the shelf. This is bad for many reasons. First of all, the shelf might not be able to hold up all the weight, which could damage its structure later on. Secondly, it is sore to the eyes. so, allow some space for your eyes to capture each beautiful item you want to display.
Maia Homes Beautiful Tall Cabinet Decorative Styling Tips
I hope I can give you some good tips on how to style a bookcase. Let me know in the comment below how you style your shelf. 
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