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Easy Solutions to Organize Drawers Quickly

If you're like most people, your home is full of clutter. And, when it comes to clutter, one of the biggest culprits is messy drawers. However, there's an easy solution that will help you quickly organize those messy drawers and get your home organized in no time.
maia homes closet organizing

1. Declutter before you organize

    Start by emptying out the drawers completely. This will give you a chance to really assess what goes in there and what doesn't.
     maia homes drawers organizing

     2. Use drawer dividers.

    Once the drawers are empty, start adding the dividers. Place them wherever you think they'll be most helpful in dividing up the space.

    maia homes decluttering your home 

    3. Make files instead of layers.

    Making files instead of layers is a great, practical idea because it helps all the items stay in place while you try to take one out. Now it's time to start sorting through the items. Anything that doesn't belong in the drawer can go into one of the other boxes or bins. 

     maia homes drawers organizing4. Create two drawers in one.

    For some items like panties, making files cannot be achieved easily. In this case, you could create two drawers in one to help separate and organize. Anything that belongs in the drawer can be sorted and placed into one of the divisions.

    5. Organize by color.

    This is my favorite way of assorting items which is based on their colors. It has a beautiful visual effect as well as helps us find what we are looking for easily. This method works very well with clothing and accessories. 
    Maia Homes Organize by Drawers

    6. Don't try to cram everything in.

    Cramming everything, especially clothing items, into a drawer is not good for a couple reasons. First off, it could create more wrinkles on your clothing. Secondly, it would be hard for you to find what you need. You might have to take everything out from the drawer before you could find what you are looking for. Leave some room for yourself to see and navigate the space easily.

    7. Label as needed

    Once everything is sorted, we recommended adding labels to the boxes or bins so you know what goes where. We understand that some people do not like labeling boxes. But, that is fine. However, you should try to create some sorts of labeling systems so you could find your items easily.
    Maia Homes Tips for Organizing Drawers
    For example, you could place all your party decoration in a pink box, and all your Christmas party in a red box. Or, you could put all the shirts and tops in the upper drawers, and all the pants and skirts in the lower drawers. And that's it! You now have a neatly organized drawer that will stay that way.
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