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Who We Are

Maia, pronounced as m ay - uh, (alternate spelling: Maya) is a female name in various languages. In Sanskrit, Maia means magic (or more accurately a "delusion"). 
Homes, pronounced as Howmz, is a plural form of home, is the place where you feel you belong. Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. 
Maia Homes = A marketplace where you could find globally sourced, long-lasting quality handcrafted home furnishings to create your magical haven. Maia Homes offers you a great selection of home goods and lifestyle products that are inspired by cultures, nature, science, extraordinary characters, and wisdom from around the globe.
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Our Inspiration

Maia Homes is inspired by ordinary folks that achieve extraordinary things. We believe that every country has something special to share with the world. And, our mission is to bring that special thing to you from the convenience of your own home.  
We want to share with you our passion for travel, photography, excellent craftsmanship, and all things eclectic, exotic, and valuable. We are doing our best every day to create and curate eye-catching decor objects and furnishings from around the globe that are not just functional, and long-lasting, but also meant to inspire your artistic expressions and styles. We want to inspire you to keep on learning and find your true self through art, culture, and history of every corner of the world. 
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Our Commitment 

We are committed to bringing the most durable products along with the best customer services from quality, packaging, shipping, to return service. You can count on us as the number one destination for exquisite and durable homewares.
Keep on Learning. 
- Mai
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Chea Yuthea

Chea Yuthea is one of the very few highly skilled artisans who is tremendously respected for his works over 4 decades in Khmer Nielloware.

Some of his highly favored works comprise of bronze and brass Khmer cremation urns, decorative bowls, and vases. The majority of his engravings are inspired by the Ramayana, Angkor era floral patterns and tales of warriors. Each piece may take up to 6 months to complete.

Currently, he is working from a small workshop with assistance from his adult son.

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SIND STUDIO by Nadya & Dima

SIND STUDIO is a modern design studio that produces imaginative, practical items made of ceramics and porcelain, infused with a sense of playfulness and deep significance. Founders Dima and Nadya Gurevich operate their studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their designs are based on the fusion of practical design with conceptual artistic expression in everyday objects, which is their fundamental concept and source of inspiration.

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Artworks by Adriana Zárate

Adriana Zárate

Adriana Zárate was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She majored in Visual Arts in the Universidad Autónoma of Nuevo Leon. She continued post-grad studies in the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College in Washington DC. Adriana has received several awards, distinguished national mentions, and won Biennales; her artworks are part of the state´s collection.She has been recognized for her art exhibitions all around Mexico and in several cities in the USA. She now works as a freelance artist and still collaborates with private and government institutions.

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Photo Credit: Adriana Zárate

Designs by Rita Kettaneh

Designs by Rita Kettaneh: When Meaning & Beauty Meet

Rita Kettaneh designs furniture that is unique, playful and meaningful. She seeks to make the experience of owning furniture an inspiring one where pieces evoke an emotion within their users and tell a story that is personal to each one of them.With a background that spans entrepreneurship, marketing, design and engineering, she brings in a multitude of perspectives into her products. Rita was granted multiple A' Design Awards for her designs and has participated in exhibitions in Como, Beirut, Dubai, and Berlin.

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Photo Courtesy: Kray Studio